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The group focuses on the study of superconductors.

Our main projects are:

  1. Tunneling and point-contact spectroscopy into High Tc superconductors. We specialized in forming and measuring planar junction into YBCO. Recently we acquire Omicron SXM Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) for spectroscopy measurements at low temperatures.
  2. Thin film deposition by RF and DC sputtering. We specialize in making high quality 2-3"  YBCO wafers on top of Sapphire for application. In addition we deposit films at different crystallographic orientations, doping levels and include different supplement materials. Recent work, showed the possibility of making atomically flat a-axis grain of YBCO grown on top c-axis films which open a variety of research opportunities.
  3. Non-local transport mechanism is Ferro-Super junctions. Using the Nano-center facilities we are able to produce structures of few hundred nanometer size. These are used to explore non-local phenomena  that occur in a Ferro-Super boundary (G. Deutscher and D. Feinberg, Appl. Phys. Lett. 76, 487 (2000)).



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