Sivan Toledo: Graduate Students

Current Postdoc:
  • Eitam Arnon (joint supervision with Orr Spiegel)
Current MSc Students:
  • Shlomi Vaknin
  • Ofir Cohen
  • Eyal Waserman
  • Danny Rubin
Graduated PhD Students: Graduated MSc Students:
  1. Yaniv Rubinpur
    High-Performance GPU and CPU Signal Processing for a Reverse-GPS Wildlife Tracking System
  2. Hagai Barmaz (joint supervision with Izhar Lavner)
    Algorithms for Automatic Segmentation of Trill Vocalizations in Birds, 2019
  3. Amit Waisel
    Parallel Algorithms for Evaluating Matrix Polynomials, 2019
  4. Shai Mendel
    A System to Characterize Battery Behavior in Miniature Wildlife Tags Reveals Correctable Reliability Weaknesses, 2019
  5. Andrey Leshenko
    Modulation and Signal Processing Tradeoffs for Reverse-GPS Wildlife Localization Systems, 2018
  6. Tal Halpern
    Fast and Robust Algorithms for Large Scale Streaming PCA, 2017
  7. Inon Peled
    Communication-Avoiding Symmetric-Indenite Matrix Factorization, 2016
  8. Vadim Stotland
    High-Performance Algorithms for Computing the Sign Function of Triangular Matrices, 2016
  9. Yogev Vaknin
    Proper Timed I/O: High-Accuracy Real-Time Control for Conventional Operating Systems, 2016
  10. Almog Benin (joint supervision with Eran Tromer)
    Secure Association for the Internet of Things, 2015
  11. Dina Bilchinsky
    Constructing Symmetric Diagonally Dominant Approximations using Constrained Random Probes, 2016
  12. Oren Kishon
    The ATLAS Wildlife Localization System: System Design and Implementation, 2015
  13. Michael Gendelman
    Streaming for Memory-Constrained Devices: TCP, UDP, and DCCP, 2014
  14. Evgeny Budilovsky
    Kernel Based Mechanisms for High Performance I/O, June 2013
  15. Sasha Alperovich, 2011
    (Sabbatical at MIT)
  16. Aviad Zuck
    A NAND flash file system for microcontrollers, October 2008
  17. Itay Malinger
    The performance characteristics of logical-block-address flash devices, July 2007
  18. Uri Unger
    Graph Algorithms for Preconditioning, July 2007
  19. Alex Druinsky
    Factoring Matrices with a Tree-Structured Sparsity Pattern, June 2007
  20. Anatoli (Tuli) Uchitel
    A Supernodal Out-of-Core Sparse Gaussian-Elimination Method, June 2007
  21. Nir Shasha
    Incremental Garbage Collection for an Object Heap on Flash Memory, anda Memory Model for Flash, February 2007
  22. Husam Saadi
    A Survey of Transactional Memory, January 2007
    (Joint supervision by Ori Shalev)
  23. Alex Vyssokii
    Enabling cycles in file systems, November 2006
  24. Eitan Ben-Amos
    Cilk for CC-NUMA Machines, September 2006
  25. Avi Ben-Aroya
    Competitive Analysis of Flash-Memory Algorithms, April 2006
  26. Michal Spivak
    Storing a transactional object heap on flash memory, December 2005
  27. Eran Bida
    An automatically-tuned sorting library, October 2005
  28. Haim Avron
    Parallel unsymmetric-pattern multifrontal sparse LU with column preordering, May 2005
  29. Eran Gal
    A transactional flash file system, December 2004
  30. Omer Meshar
    An out-of-core sparse symmetric indefinite factorization method, May 2004
  31. Elad Rozin
    Locality of reference in sparse Cholesky factorization methods, February 2004
  32. Gil Shklarski
    High-performance Kernels, January 2003
  33. Vladimir Rotkin
    Out-of-Core Sparse Matrix Factorizations, January 2003
  34. Eyal Baruch
    Communication-Efficient Dense Linear Algebra in Cilk, January 2002
  35. Igor Brainman
    Fill-Minimization in Nonsymmetric Sparse LU Factorizations, July 2001
  36. Yaron Shoham
    Parallel Randomized Best-First Search, March 2001
  37. Doron Chen
    Analysis, Implementation, and Evaluation of Vaidya's Preconditioners, February 2001
  38. Dror Irony
    A 3D Communication-Efficient Dense Linear Solver, August 2000

Last updated February 2018.