Tel-Aviv University

The 2004 Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences

Observational or Theoretical Astronomy and Astrophysics

Winners Announced!


The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences was established through the generosity of
Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Beverly Sackler. Prizes are awarded each year in the disciplines of either Physics or Chemistry. The Sackler Prize supports dedication to science, originality and excellence, and it is intended for young scientists who have made outstanding and fundamental contributions in their fields.

The Sackler Prize is administered by Tel Aviv University (TAU). The research field in 2004 is observational or theoretical astronomy and astrophysics.

We are proud to announce that this year's $40,000 Sackler Prize will be shared jointly by:

Prof. Andrea M. Ghez (UCLA) and Dr. Adam G. Riess (STScI)

Prof. Andrea M. Ghez
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of California Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095
For her pioneering high-resolution infrared observations that provide evidence for, and establish the mass of, the supermassive blackhole in the center of the Galaxy.

Dr. Adam G. Riess
Space Telesope Science Institute
Baltimore, MD 21218
For his contributions to the observational study of distant Type Ia supernovae that reveal the accelerating expansion of the universe, and the possible existence of dark energy.