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Prof. Tamar Sovran
Chair of Chaim Rosenberg School of
Jewish Studies
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New book is now available: Relational Semantics and the Anatomy of Abstraction
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Chair of Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Born in Israel.

PhD in philosophy of language and Hebrew Language and Literature The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Post doctoral year at the University of California, Berkeley (Linguistics and Cognitive science).

Married to Benjamin Sovran + three sons.

Currently living in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

Main research subjects:
The study of meaning and meaning relations, theoretical linguistics and cognitive semantics: semantic fields, metaphor, abstract concepts and mechanisms of abstraction, poetic language. The unique status and characteristics of the Hebrew Language: an ancient language acquiring the status of a native language; polysemous Hebrew tri-consonantal roots.

Books: Semantic Fields (1994); Investigations in conceptual semantics (2000); The emergence of the theory of meaning (2006, won the Bahat prize of Haifa University); Relational Semantics and the Anatomy of Abstration (2013).

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Prof. Tamar Sovran
Department of Hebrew Culture Studies - Hebrew Language
Tel Aviv University
Israel 69978
972-(0)3- 5758448; 972-(0)54-4952772
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