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This page include links to other sites that have applets of Physics phenomena's and Basic principles
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General Resources
    Java Applets on Physics - Walter Fendt Variety of Physics topics simulations

    Physics Applets and Online Courses - University of Texas at Austin

    Movies and Images download - U.C. Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations, Berkely. California

    NTNU JAVA Virtual Physics Laboratory - Prof. Fu-Kwun Hwang - Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University

    Cool Physics Links - Dr. Joe McCullough - Cabrillo College

    My Physics Lab – Physics Simulation with Java - Erik Neumann

    KaBoL - The cool math site of the week - Canadian Mathematical Society

    Eeducational java applets - Paul Falstad

    Tesla Downunder - An Australian site detailing almost 200 high voltage and other projects

Personal Preferences of School staff teachers

    Elia Leibowitz - EM Course for Life Science - אליה ליבוביץ - חשמל ומגנטיות למדעי החיים

    Benjamin Svetitsky - EM Course בנימין סבטיצקי - חשמל ומגנטיות

    Tzvi Mazeh - PHYSICS INSTRUMENTATION Course - צבי מזא''ה הפרעות בתקשורת

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