NAME:                        SHLOMO GIORA SHOHAM


BORN:                        LITHUANIA, 14th APRIL 1929



Winner of the Israel Prize in Criminology Research for 2003



Elementary and Secondary Schools, in Palestine


University of London, England, Matriculation, 1947


Jerusalem Law Classes, 1947 (interrupted by military service)


Hebrew University, Jerusalem, School of Law: 1950-1953: LL.M.


University of Cambridge, England, Institute of Criminology, 1958-1959: Research Student


Hebrew University, Jerusalem, School of Law, 1960: LL.D. in Law and Criminology



1961                Senior Lecturer and Director, Institute of Criminology, Bar Ilan University


1963                Research Associate, Ohio State University


1965                Associate Professor of Criminology, Bar Ilan University


                        Associate Professor of Criminology, Tel-Aviv University


1968/9             Visiting Associate Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Pennsylvania University


1969                Director, Institute of Criminology and Criminal Law, Tel-Aviv University


1970               Professor of Criminology and Penology, Senior Police Officers’ 

                       Academy, Israel.


1973                Professor, Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University


1988/9             Visiting Professor, Harvard University


1989/90           Visiting Professor, Sorbonne, Paris: Ecole Pratioque des Hautes Etudes


                        Administrateur de la Foundation Europeane des Sciences, des Arts et de la Culture

1990/91           Research and Teaching, Sorbonne, Paris


1991/2             Visiting Professor, Oxford University, Oxford Center for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies


                        Guest Lecturer, the European Mozart Foundation, Krakow, Poland






1955/8             Assistant District Attorney of Jerusalem, and Assistant to Israel’s Attorney General


1964                Co-representative of Israel, with Supreme Court Justice Haim Cohen, at The International Congress of Comparative Law, Birmingham, England


                        Participant, International Study Group of Culture Factors of Delinquency, under the auspices of World Health Organization, Topeka, Kansas


1969                Jury Member, Denis Carrol International Award


                        Representative of Israel, at meeting of the Directors of Criminological Research Institutes at Council of Europe, Strasbourg


1970                International Editor, Excerpta Criminologia


                        Member, of Board of Directors, International Society of Criminology


                        Member, Permanent Governmental Commission, Administration of Criminal Justice, Israel


1975                Recipient, Presidential Citation, outstanding achievement in field of criminology, American Society of Criminology, Toronto

1977                Recipient Sellin-Glueck Award, American Society of Criminology

                        Member Australian Society of Forensic Sciences

1980                Elected to the Board of Directors, International Society of Criminology


                        Member, Scientific Commission, International Center of Sociological, Penal and Penitentiary Research, Messina, Italy


1981                Medal of Honor presented by the Prime Minister of France for contribution to International Criminology


                        Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Institute of Criminology and Penology and Penitentiary Research and Studies, Messina


                        Member, Board of Directors Research Committee for the Sociology of Deviance and Social Control, International Sociological Association


                        Chairman, Committee for the Classification of Prisoners in Israel


                        Managing Editor, Monograph Series on Alienation, International Sociological Association


1985                Visiting Scholar, Center for Jewish Studies, Harvard University


1988                Board member, research committee, International Sociological Association


                        Louvain, University, Belgium, Doctoral Thesis, The Mytho-Empiricism of S.Giora Shoham, by Jean Falisse


                        University of Milwaukee, Lecture by Mark Sies on The Criminology of S. Giora Shoham


1990                Editor, Orexis series - an Interdisciplinary Thought, L’Age d’Homme Publishing House, Paris


                        Recipient, Annual Award of the World Society of Legal Medicine, for Significant Scientific Contribution


1991                Vice President, Research Committee on Alienation, International Sociological Association


                        Interview, Mytho-Empiricism Synapse. Paris


Board Member, journal on World Black Markets, Corruption & Organized Crime           


Annual Judge, Israel’s Theater Group Festival, Tel-Aviv



1994                Interdisciplinary meeting, Malta



1995                Expert witness in murder case: People v. Ronald J. Latham, USA







1965                Submitted papers to The Montreal International Congress


1966                Lectures, The Congress of the Societé Abolitioniste Mondiale, Rome


                        Lectures, The Third International Congress of the Union Mondial des Organismes pour la Sauvegarde de l’Enfance et de l’Adolescence, Evian, France


                        Representative, International Society of Criminology, Conference of Four International Bodies, Bellagio, Italy



1968                Representative, International Society of Criminology, Conference of Four International Bodies,



1970                Rapporteur General, Congress of International Society of Criminology, Madrid




1980                Lectures, Alienation and Anomie, Messina Workshop


1981                Lectures, Jung Institute


                        Lecture, The Interdisciplinary Study of Sexual Violence, Lille


                        Lecture, Violent Prisoners, Messina


                        Lecture, Drug and Alcohol Involvement among Israeli Youth, Zurich


Chairman of sessions: Literary, Dramatic and Artistic Perspectives on Alienation, and Perceptions of Deviance, World Congress of Sociology, Mexico


                        Distinguished Visitor and Participant, Seventeenth National Conference of the Australian Psychological Society, Melbourne


Participant, One-day workshop, The Current Status of Criminological Theory, Australian Institute of Criminology


1982                Participant, Fifteenth Criminological Research Conference, Council of Europe, Strasbourg


Lectures, Violence and Deviance, University of Sydney


Lectures on Eve, Casanova and Don Juan: Love as Bait - a Mytho-Empirical Theory of Sex, and Metaphysical Projections of Personality: Rebellion Creativity and Revelation, C.G.Jung Institute, Zürich


                        Lecture, Europe and the Middle East, Universite des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg:


                        Lectures, International Center of Sociological, Penal and Penitentiary Research and Studies, Messina


                        Lecture, Rebellion, Creativity and Revelation, University of Limoges, Institute for Social Anthropology


                        Lecture, The Mark of Cain, Universite des Sciences Sociales, Toulouse


1983                Participant, Second International Congress on Drugs and Alcohol, Tel Aviv


Participant, Seminaire: Systemes Penals et Purvoirs, Center de Droit et Cultures, Paris


Lecture, Culture Conflict and Non-Integration of Ethnic Groups in Israel, Annual Meeting of Social Workers Association, Israel


Participant, Scientific Committee of the International Center of Sociological Penal and Penitentiary Research and Studies, Messina


Participant, Sixth Criminological Colloquium - Historical Research on Crime and Criminal Justice, Strasbourg


                        Lecture, Social Politics and the Reduction in the Margin of Deviation, International Study Seminar, Messina


1984                Lecture, The Decline, Colloque d’Athenes, Athens


                        Lecture, the Mark of Cain, Council of Europe


                        Lectures, Personality and Deviance and the Socio-Biology of Love,

The Max Planck Institute, Freiburg


                        Lecture, Stigma and Social Deviance, Heidelberg University


                        Lecture, Types of Culture, Technology and Crime, at Conference on Technological and Non-Technological Cultures as Related to Crime and Deviance, International Center of Sociological Penal and Penitentiary Research and Studies, Messina


                        Lecture, Orwell, Man, State and Society in Question, Colloquy at the Council of Europe, Strasbourg


Lecture, Vengeance, Penalité, Purvoir, Journees d’Etudes University of Paris


1985                Lecture, Violence, RAI International Congress Center, Amsterdam


Keynote address, 5th Symposium on Victimology, World Society of Victimology, Zagreb


                        Lecture, Dialectical Quests as Metaphysical Projections of the Self, URAM (Ultimate Reality and Meaning Conference), Institute of Philosophy, University of Leuven, Belgium


Lectures, Interdisciplinary Study of Violence, University of Giessen


                        Lectures, Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah and the Violence of Silence, C.J. Jung Institute, Zürich


                        Lecture, Interdisciplinary Study of Violence, The Eve Saville Memorial Lecture on Interdisciplinary Study of Delinquency, King’s College, London, University of London


                        Lecture, Personality and Deviance, University of Indiana, Bloomington


Lectures, The Many Faces of Violence and Personality, University of Wisconsin at Green Bay


                        Lecture, Metaphysics, Solipsism and Madness, URAM Conference, Leuven, Belgium


                        Lecture, Anxious and Reckless Drivers, Traffic Academy of San Francisco


Lecture, Interdisciplinary Study of Violence, Police Academy of San Francisco



1986                Lectures, Myth, Personality and Metaphysics, C.G. Jung Institute, Zürich


                        Lectures, Personality, Core Dynamics and Deviance, University of Giessen

                        Lectures, The Mark of Cain, the Stigma Theory of Crime and Deviance, University of Mönchengladbach, Germany


                        Lectures, Personality Theory and Psychotherapy, Fern-Universität, Hagen


                        Report, Judaism and European Culture, The Council of Europe



1987                Inaugural Lecture, Inter-Disciplinary Personality Theory, Israel Psychological Association


Lecture, Dynamic Electrophysiological Correlates of Impulsive Violence of Prisoners, Fourth European Congress of EEG and Clinical Neurophysiology


1988                Lecture, Chassidism & Existentialism, Symposium on the Relationship between French Jews and French Culture, Hotel de Ville, Paris


Lecture, the Psychohistory of the Holocaust, The Harvard Center for European Studies


Lecture, the Myth of Evil, Galei Zahal, Israeli Broadcasting Authority


Annual Convention American Society of Criminology, Chicago, The Theories of S.Giora Shoham - a presentation by Mark Sies


                        Lecture, the Psychohistory of the Holocaust, Hebrew College, Boston


                        Lecture, The Myth of Tantalus - an Interdisciplinary Personality Theory, William James Hall, Dept. of Psychology, Harvard University


                        Lecture, the Psychohistory of the Holocaust, California Institute of Integral Studies



1989                Lecture, Stigma & Alienation, International Congress of Sociology, Madrid



1989                Lecture, Methodology of Research in Crime & Deviance, The School of Criminal Justice, North-Eastern University, Boston


Lecture, The Psychohistory of the Holocaust, Martin Buber Institute, Brussels, Belgium


                        Lecture, Crime & Stigmatization, Institute de Sociology, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium 


                        Lecture, Valhalla, Calvary and Auschwitz, University of Copenhagen, Institute for Germanic Studies


                        Lecture, Interdisciplinary Study of Violence, Institute of Criminology, University of Copenhagen


                        Lecture, Gnosis, Kaballah and Existentialism, Department of Theology, University of Copenhagen


                        Scientific Adviser & Chairman, Final Session, “Deutsche-Jüdische Symbiose: Fiktion oder Realität”, Hanns Seidel Stiftung, Munich


                        Lectures, Sources of Violence,  an Interdisciplinary View, Stigma & Stereotype and the Interdisciplinary Study of Sexual Violence, Il Congreso Mundial de Medicina Legal, IV Congresso de la Associacion Panamericana de Ciencias Forenses, VI Congreso de la Socieded Columbiana de Midicina Legal Y. Ciencas Forenses 


                        Inaugural Address, Gnosis, Kaballa and Existentialism, Sixth Biennial Conference of the New Zealand Association for the Study of Religions, Hamilton, New Zealand


Lecture, The Interdisciplinary Study of Violence, Max Planck Institute für Ausländisches und Internationales, Strafrecht


                        Lecture, Personality & Deviance University of Westfalia, F.R.G.


1990                Lecture, L’Existentialism du Martin Buber, Centre d’Etudes du Judaisme Universite Libre de Bruxelles


Lecture, Prostitution and Individual Stigma, University Libre de Bruxelles


Lecture, Buber und Canetti, 2nd Internationale Symposium über Canetti’s “Marse und Macht, Vienna, Austria           


Keynote Lecture, The Subjective Perception of Time, Symposium on “Consciousness and Time” organized by IBM Israel


                        Lecture, Interdisciplinary Study of Violence, Institute de Medicine Legale, University de Lille


Papers, Normative Sacrifice and Gnosis Kaballa and Existentialism and the Predicament of Man, XII World Congress of the International Sociological Association, Madrid, Spain


Organizer, Symposium on “Dealiennation and Authenticity” Messina, Italy


                        Lecture, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Violence, Faculty of Medicine, Bordeaux, France


                        Inaugural Address. I. The Interdisciplinary Research on Violence.  II. The Mark of Cain, III.  Anxious and Reckless Drivers, World Congress of Legal Medicine of Bogota, Columbia



Lecture, Lurianic Kabbalah, Institute Raymon Aharon, Paris



                        Lecture, Gnosis, Kabbalah & Existentialism, University of Rouen, Normandy


                        Lecture, Mytho-Empiricism and Personality, Laenec Hospital, Paris



1991                Chairman of session, Myth and Alienation, 13th World Congress on Sociology, Bielefeld


                        Seminars, Center for Postgraduate Center for Criminological Research, Oxford


            Seminars, Cosmogony in the Book of Genesis and Sources of Jewish Religion, Oxford Center for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies, Oxford


                        Congress, The Defenses against anti-Semitism, Vienna


                        Opening Address, Personality and Existentialism, Symposium on Philosophy and Psychology, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan


                        Seminar, The Interdisciplinary Study of Violence, Oxford Center for Criminological Research   


                        Lecture, Historical Perspective of the relationship between Arabs and Europeans, Symposium on the Relationship between Arab and European Culture, Council of Europe, Strasbourg

1992                Lecture, Influence of Jewish Culture on European Culture, Israeli Embassy, London


                        Lecture: An Existentialist Treatment of Offenders, Probation Service of Oxfordshire, England


                        Opening Address, Valhalla, Calvary and Auschwitz, Shorashim


                        Opening Address: Valhalla, Calvary and Auschwitz, Beit Hatefutsot


                        Address, Cultural Relationship between Judaic and Hellenic cultures, Manchester University


                        Chairman, Conference on Patricide, Sorbonne, Paris


1993                Lecture, Culture, Crime and Conflict, University of Malta, Valletta


                        Participant, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Ecumenical Meeting of the Three Religions, under the auspices of the Vatican



1994                Seminar, Deviance and Violence, Israel Supreme Court

Chairman, section on Myth and Alienation, XIII World Congress of Sociology, Bielefeld, Germany


Lectures, Relationship between Physics and Kabbalah and Crime and Punishment in Modern Israel, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio


                        Inaugural address, interdisciplinary study of violence, Psychiatric Association, Israel


                        Inaugural address, the Promethean Therapy, Israeli Art Association annual meeting


                        Chairman of session, Myth and Alienation, 13th World Congress on Sociology, Bielefeld


                        Participant, International Seminar on Racism and Anti-Semitism, Istanbul


1995                Chairman of seminar, International Conference on Anti-Semitism, Istanbul, Turkey. Also, submitted two articles: Psychological and Cultural Mechanisms of Racism, anti-Semitism as a Paradigm of Racism, and Vahalla, Calvary and Auschwitz, the International Conference on Anti-Semitism, under the auspices of the Council of Europe, in Istanbul


                        Organizer; Trivialization of Sociology seminar, Messina, Italy



                        Lecture, Myth and Creativity, European Mozart Foundation, Krakow, Poland


Lecture, criminology and deviance seminar, on corruption in China, Beijing


1996                Lecture, The Congress Secretariat International Center of Medicine and Law, Buhramannsdrif, South Africa


1998                Lecture, The Role of Mythogenes in Cultural Evolution, Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research, Vienna, Austria


                        Lecture, Culture Conflict, Migration, and Crime, 12th International Congress on Criminology, Seoul, North Korea


                        Lecture, The Medium is the Barrier, 1998 NIC Symposium Intercultural Communication, Göteborg, Sweden


                        Lecture, Risks and Necessity in the Integration Between Different Peoples in the Mediterranean Area, Rome, Italy



1999                Lecture, The Stigma, The Norm, The Crime,  Sturzo Institute of Sociology, La Sapienza


Keynote speaker, International Conference of Human Rights and our Responsibilities Towards Future Generations: An Inter-Religious Perspective, International University of the Mediterranean, Valletta, Malta


Chairman, The International Conference on Migration, Culture and Crime, Kibbutz Ma’ale Hahamisha, Israel



2000                Keynote Speaker, Conference for International Collaboration between Mediterranean Countries, Malta


Keynote Speaker, International Congress on Juidicial Anthropology Limoge, France


Lecture, the dialogica philosophy as a basis for the therapeutic process Pompidou Hospital, Paris


2001                Keynote Speaker, conference on Cultural Collaboration of Mediterranean Cultures, Malta


Keynote Speaker, Stocktaking for the Third Millennium, The Council of Europe


Lectures, Personality, Deviance and Mytho–Empiricism, University Poirtie, France


Moderator and General Reporter, International Round Table on European Identity, The Council of Europe Strasbourg


Lecture, First Generation Delinquents Second Generation Politicians: The story of Moroccan Immigration to Israel, The University of Malta


Lectures, University of Kalamazoo, Michigan


Lecture, Conference on Art and Existentialism, Louisiana, USA


Lecture, The International Forum Of Culture Conflict, Acculturation and Crime, International Conference on Migration and Crime, Trier



2002                Lectures, Graduation ceremony of the students in the Program in Human Rights, University of Malta


2003                Colloquium, Jean Genet on the Contemporary Stage, Genet’s New Trinity: Theft, Betrayal and Homosexuality, The Hebrew University – Department of Theatre Studies


                        Chairperson and keynote lecture: The War of Fundamentalist Islam against Occidental Culture, Third International Conference of Culture Conflict, Migration and Crime / Terrorism, Istanbul, Turkey


2004                Organizer, David Bohm – Physicist, Philosopher and Humanist – interdisciplinary discussions on scientific progress and the future of mankind, Venice International University Tentative date- November 2004


Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. Visiting Scholar for the months of July, August (invited)



Criminological Advisor, Ministries of Justice and Internal Security (Israel)


Chairman, International Organizing Committee for Phd’s in the Mediterranean,

Human Rights Program (University of Malta)


Director, the diploma program in criminal justice, to serve as a basis for an M.A., Tel Aviv University


Editor, Israeli Studies in Criminology


Executive Editor, series on Alienation of International Sociological Association


Fellow, American Society of Criminology


Honorary Fellow, Australian Forensic Association


Member, Board of Directors, International Research Commission on Alienation of the International Sociological Association


Member, Board of Directors, International Society of Criminology


Member, Board of Governors, The Foundation for International Studies at the University of Malta, Malta


Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy


Member, executive board, International Forum of Migration, Culture Conflict and Crime.


Member, Organizing Commission of the Athens Colloquy


Member, Scientific Commission of International Center for Research in Sociology and Penal Matters, Messina






1947                Israel War of Liberation: Captured by Jordanian Army, Prisoner of War, released 1949