Shmulik Marco The School of Geosciences

The Byzantine-to-Ummayad (6th–8th century) archaeological site of Umm-El-Qanatir, located 10 km east of the Dead Sea Transform (DST) in northern Israel. The site was damaged by an earthquake-induced landslide.

The site was excavated and restored by Yehoshua (Yeshu) Dray and Ilana Gonen. The excavation and restoration process is described in their web page.



Wechsler, N., Katz, O., Dray, Y., Gonen, I., and Marco, S., 2008, Estimating location and size of historical earthquake by combining archaeology and geology in Umm-El-Qanatir, Dead Sea Transform: Natural Hazards, v. 50, no. DOI 10.1007/s11069-008-9315-6, p. 27-43. pdf