Shmulik Marco The School of Geosciences

Archaeological Seismoscopes

A seismoscope is a device which indicates the occurrence of an earthquake but does not write a record (C.F Richter 1958).


Partners: Klaus-G. Hinzen (Cologne University), Iris Schwellenbach, Gregor Schweppe, Moshe Fischer




  1. Klaus-G. Hinzen, Iris Schwellenbach, Gregor Schweppe, and Shmuel Marco, 2016, Quantifying Earthquake Effects on Ancient Arches, Example: The Kalat Nimrod Fortress, Dead Sea Fault Zone. Seismological Research Letters, v.87(3) pdf
  2. Gregor Schweppe, Klaus-G. Hinzen, Moshe Fischer, Shmuel Marco, 2017, The ruin of the Roman temple of Kedesh, Israel; example of a precariously balanced archaeological structure used as a seismoscope. Annals of Geophysics v.60 (4) doi: 10.4401/ag-7152 pdf.