The project is an extension of a project set up in 1993 to research aliyah bet - illegal postwar immigration to Palestine. Named in honour of Avraham Agmon, the project deals specifically with Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union after the Second World War. The main task of the research is to examine the tendencies of this phenomenon, to reveal attitudes of Soviet Jews and the Soviet authorities to the emigration process and the events surrounding it, to examine the origins and motivation behind the struggle that was undertaken by various human rights and numerous Jewish organizations in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia.

The project is directed by Prof. Yaacov Ro'i in cooperation with the Institute for Research in the History of Zionism founded in memory of Chaim Weizmann, Tel Aviv University.

Thus far, books produced in the framework of this project have included:

Boris Morozov, Documents on Soviet Jewish Emigration (Frank Cass, 1999), Cummings Center Series Vol 14.

Boris Morozov, Evreiskaia emigratsiia v svete novykh dokumentov (Tel Aviv: Ivrus, 1998).[Russian version of previous title]

Vladimir Khanin, Documents on Ukrainian Jewish Identity and Emigration, 1944-1990 (Frank Cass, 2003), Cummings Center Series Vol. 15.

Zeev Khanin and Boris Morozov, Bogdim beMoledet: Hahagira hayehudit beeynei hashilton haSovieti (Traitors to Mother Russia: Jewish Emigration through Soviet Eyes) (Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University Press, 2005).


Ziva Galili and Boris Morozov, Exiled to Palestine: The Emigration of Soviet Zionist Convicts, 1924-1934 (Frank Cass/Routledge, 2005) Cummings Center Series Vol. 21.