13 May 1945                  Born in Jerusalem


1958-1963                     High School Education


1963-1965                     Military Service


1966-1969                     BA in Russian Studies and Political Science, Hebrew University, Jerusalem


1969-1973                     D.Phil., Oxford University. Title of dissertation: "Anglo-Soviet Relations in the 1920s" under the supervision of E.H. Carr





1974 -                            Professor of History, Department of History, Tel Aviv University, Israel


1994-                             Editor, The Cummings Center Series


1995 -                            Elected Foreign Full Member of the Russian

                                      Academy of Science


1996 -                            Incumbent of  “The Samuel Rubin Chair of Russian and East European History and Civilization”, Tel Aviv University


2003 -                            Director, The Cummings Center for Russian Studies, Tel Aviv University


1977-1981                     Editor, Slavic and Soviet Series


1978-1979                     Secretary, Israeli Association of Slavic and East European Studies


1979-1980                     Associated Member, St. Antony's College, Oxford


1986-1987                     Fellow, The Wilson Center, Washington, DC.


1986-1993                     Academic adviser to the Staff College of the Israeli Defence Forces


1990 - 1998                   Director of the Cummings Center for Russian and East European Studies, Tel Aviv University


1998 - 2001                   Director of the Curiel Center for International Studies, Tel Aviv University


1991-2 and 94-5            President, Israeli Association of Slavic and East European Studies


1993-1994                     Visiting Fellow, St. Antony' College, Oxford


Summer, 1998                Fellow, Kennan Institute, Washington CD


þSummer, 2001                Visiting Professor, the Center of Applied Politics (CAP), Munich


Winter, 2001-2002         Guest Professor, Koeln University


Summer, 2002                Guest Professor, Institute of Politics, Munich University


Winter Semes. 2002-3    Eric-Voegelin Visiting Professor, Munich University


Winter Semes. 2003       Guest Professor, Central European University, Budapest


2005-2006                     Visiting Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford










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