Between Lenin and Stalin: Approaches to Soviet History

Crisis and Rebellion in the Transition to the Modern Era: Russian in the 17th Century

Fascism and the Extreme Right in Eastern Europe

Formation of the Nation-State in Eastern Europe

Friend or Foe: The International Relations of Medieval Russia and Western Europe

From Tsarism to the Soviets and Back: Russia in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Herzen and his Work: Texts and Analysis

Introduction to the History of the Balkans in Modern Times

Leadership Models in the USSR from Lenin to Gorbachev

Memory and Revolution: France and Russia in the 18th to 20th Centuries

Nationalities Question in the USSR, 1917-91

October Revolution in Russia

Peter the Great and the Westernization of Russia: Form or Content

Rise and Fall of Communist Regimes in Western Europe

Russia and the West in the Period of Enlightenment and

Revolution, 1715-1795

Russia in the Twilight of the Ancien Régime: A Comparative Analysis

Russia from 1880 to 1930: Old and New Historical Approaches

Russia in the 19th Century - Literature and History

Russia Looks at its Past

Russia and the West in the 16th Century

Russia between East and West

Russian Language (all levels)

Selected Topics in the History of the Cold War

Seminar: December 1941 as a Turning Point in the Second World War

Seminar: Diplomacy and Strategy in WWII

Society, Regime and Culture in Russia in the 19th Century

Society, Regime and Culture in Russia in the 20th Century

Soviet Central Asia between Tradition and Change

Strategy and Intelligence - the Soviet Union and North America

The Right in Eastern Europe between Two World Wars

The Rise of the Fourth Dimension - Developments in the Concept of Air Power in Modern Strategy

The Search for Central Europe: Between Cultural Perception and Political Reality

Topics in Revolutionary Culture - the USSR, 1917-1936

Topics in Russian History - the 19th Century

Topics in the History of Modern Russia

Topics in Totalitarianism

World War II - Resurrection of the "Eastern Problem"

Secular Messianism: Personal Redemption and Terrorism in Communist Ideology

The Russian Revolution as a Simulation: the Meeting of Ideologies in 1917

Losses in Peace and War - Russia in the 20th Century

Historians and Historiography in Eastern Europe

Autobiography under Fire: the Image of the Stalinist Man