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Prof. Ruth Ronen

Dept. of Philosophy, Tel aviv university

Publications - Books


Possible Worlds in Literary Theory. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1994
Representing the Real. Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi 2002
Aesthetics of Anxiety: SUNY Press, 2009.
Art and Its Discontents (In Hebrew). Am-Oved Publishers, 2010.
Art Before the Law: Aesthetics and Ethics University of Toronto Press, 2014.
Lacan with the Philosophers (In Hebrew) Tel Aviv University Press.2015.
Lacan with the Philosophers  (In English) University of Toronto Press, 2018.

Publications - Articles

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  • The Invisible of the Dancing Body. In: Wengrower, H. and Chaiklin, S. International Perspectives on Dance Movement Therapy: Dance and Creative Process in Theory, Research and Practice . New York: Routledge (forthcoming).
  • Aesthetic Community, submitted.
  • In preparation:
  • The Affirmation of Death, in: Philosophy and Death – Special Issue of Angelaki (eds.: Ruth Ronen and Rona Cohen). Forthcoming in 2022.
  • ruth ronen, department of philosophy, tel aviv university