Prof. Ruth Ronen

Dept. of Philosophy, Tel aviv university

Courses and Graduate Seminars


The Social and the Political in Psychoanalysis
Contemporary Philosophy of Art
After Aesthetics
Advanced Introduction to Aesthetics
Love and Sexuality
Beyond Oedipus: Psychoanalysis and Culture
Philosophy and Tragedy
Language and Interpretation
Art as Symptom
The Beautiful and the Good after Marcel Duchamp
Regarding the Real
Kant after Duchamp
Aesthetics of Anxiety: Kant with Freud and Lacan
Cogito and the Unconscious
Vision and the Gaze
Psychoanalysis and Art
The Object in the Picture: Naturalism in Art
The Limits of Interpretation
Anxiety and Melancholy in Art
Realism in Philosophy and in Art
Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis
Social Discourse according to Lacan
Freud's Case Histories
Sublime and Sublimation
What is a Child in Psychoanalysis?

ruth ronen, department of philosophy, tel aviv university