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Academic Year  2009 - 2010

The colloquium is held at Melamed Hall (Room 6) in the Shenkar Physics Building, every Sunday at 16:10. Light refreshments are served outside Melamed Hall at 15:50. 


November 15, 2009

"News from the Dark World"

Dr. Tomer Volansky
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

  Various astrophysical observations suggest that most of the matter in our Universe is non-baryonic and dark. Still, the identity of the Dark Matter remains a mystery. Recently, there has been a series of perplexing cosmic-ray and gamma-ray measurements, suggesting the indirect detection of Dark Matter in our Galaxy. Such an interpretation points towards a much richer structure than that of the garden-variety Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) candidate, suggesting an extended 'dark sector' rather than a single Dark Matter particle. In this talk I will review the signals and anomalies and suggest a new picture that emerges for the dark sector. Its implications on particle physics and predictions for upcoming experiments will be discussed.  

Host: Prof. Nissan Itzhaki, x6490
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