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Academic Year  2000 - 2001

The colloquium is held at Melamed Hall (Room 6) in the Shenkar Physics Building, every Sunday at 16:10. Light refreshments are served outside Melamed Hall at 15:50. 


January 21, 2001

"The Universe as a Teenager"

Prof. Hector Rubinstein
Stockholm and Uppsala University, Sweden
Lady Davis Professor at the Hebrew University


    After the Big Bang, and the Universe first upheavals, the Universe reached its baby period: it was then three minutes old. At this time, the formation of the light elements took place. From this moment on, the Universe evolved with physics we fully understand: electromagnetism and low energy general relativity.

    At 100,000 to 300,000 years of age, photons streamed freely in all directions. This is the celebrated cosmic background microwave radiation (CMBR), that we observe today. Detecting the CMBR today gives invaluable and accurate information about the past.  It is the most perfect black body known. The small deviations from a perfect Planck distribution encode information about the parameters of the Universe and its geometry.

    In particular, the latest experiments have established that the Universe is practically flat.  We will discuss the underlying theory, recent experiments, and the forthcoming new observations.

Host: Prof. Marek Karliner, x6373
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