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Academic Year  2011 - 2012

The colloquium is held at Melamed Hall (Room 6) in the Shenkar Physics Building, every Sunday at 16:10. Light refreshments are served outside Melamed Hall at 15:50. 


October 30, 2011

"Entropy, Entanglement and Compressive Sensing"

Prof. John Howell
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester

  It may seem somewhat surprising that information is governed by uncertainty. Put another way, if we know what someone is going to tell us, then there would be no need for listening. The uncertainty of that communication, entropy, is a measure of the information gained. In this presentation, I will discuss some basic concepts of entropy along with some of our recent experiments on studies of entanglement entropy and quantum imaging using compressive sensing. Lastly, I will present results on recent studies of quantum noise on compressive signals. These experiments will be couched in the ideas of entropy and the information gained as a function of the number of photons. As a potential added treat, if there is time, I will present details of a novel compressive sensing Lidar system.  

Host: Prof. Ron Lifshitz, x5145
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