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2008 and before

Patents and patent application

  1. Manipulation of objects in potential energy landscapes, D. G. Grier, M. Polin, S. Lee, Y. Roichman and K. Ladavac US Patent 7,973,275, 2011, WO Patent 2,007,084,114,.
  2. System and method for processing nanowires with holographic optical tweezers, D. G. Grier, R. Agarwal, G. Yu, C. M. Lieber, K. Ladavac and Y. Roichman, US Patent 7,772,543, 2010, WO Patent 2,007,084,114, 2007.
  3. Assembly of quasicrystalline photonic heterostructures, D. G. Grier, Y. Roichman, W. Man, P. M. Chaikin and P. J. Steinhardt, US Patent App. 13/163,460, 2011, WO Patent 2,007,009,046, 2007, EP Patent 1,902,335, 2008.
  4. System for applying optical forces from phase gradients, Y. Roichman, B. Sun, Y. Roichman, J. Amato-Grill and D. G. Grier, US Patent 8,174,742, 2012.
  5. Method and System for imaging internal medium, H. Nagar, E. Dekel, D. Kasimov, T. Kolatt, Y. Roichman, PCT Patent Application No. PCT/IL2017/050871 filed on 07/08/2017.