Ravit Helled

Associate Professor of Planetary Sciences

Dept. of Geosciences

Tel-Aviv University

Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel

tel: +972-3-6408398

fax: +972-3-6409282

email: rhelled_at_post.tau.ac.il


My main research interests are: planet formation, planetary interiors, planetary evolution, physics of solar systems, and exoplanets. Some of the key questions my research addresses are:

-- How do planets form?

-- How can we link planetary composition with planetary formation?

-- What physical processes affect the evolution and final structure/composition of planets?

-- What are the compositions of the planets in our Solar System?

-- What determines the final architecture of planetary systems?

I am a member of the science team of the NASA Juno mission to Jupiter and a Co-Investigator in the ESA Juice mission. I am also involved in the PLATO 2.0 mission.

Job Opportunities:

I am currently accepting graduate students and postdocs.

My CV can be found here