Assaf Razin Videos (Hebrew)

Clip 1 The Invisible Hand

Clip 2 Government Budget and Inflation

Clip 3 What Inflation Does?

Clip 4 The Government Budget

Clip 5 Inflationary Expectations and Inflation

Clip 6 Why Government?

Clip 7 Public Services

Clip 8 Taxes

Clip 9 Market Forces: A

Clip 10 Market Forces B

Clip11 Price Controls

Clip 12 Money: A

Clip 13 Money: B

Clip 14 Banks

Clip 15 Externalities: Economic Price vs Market Price

Clip 16 Economic Growth

Clip 17 Technological Progress

Clip 18 Accounting for Intetnational Transactions

Clip 19 The Foreign Sector

Clip 20 Economics at Play

Clip 21 Market Equilibrium

Clip 22 Credits