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1.       How (not) to Write an NSF Proposal (joint with Kfir Eliaz)

2.     WPPC: A Universal Demographic Constant

3.     Forthcoming in Ecomometrica (joint with Kfir Eliaz):

        Note in Econometrica


        Paper in Econometrica

4.     Ultimatum Game: The next generation

5.     Maple violates the IIA axiom

6.     The Ariel Rubinstein Seminar Comment Generator

7. QJE special offer

8. Using Economic Theory to Save the World (joint with Dror Reshef)

9. OBAME: Online Bolshevik Allocation Mechanism

10. Repec goes transgender

11. Rani Spiegler continues to conquer new demographic groups

12. "Paper Trailer" for "Incentive-Compatible Advertising on a Social Network"