Rakefet Sela-Sheffy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Semiotics & Culture Research

Unit of Culture Research

Tel Aviv University



Ph.D. Dissertations



Simona Wasserman

The Construction of Elite Group in the Popular Music Field of Production and Canonization Processes of Mizrahi Music in Israel (with Prof. Motti Regev, The Open University)


Maya Duani

From Drainage to Conservation of the Hula wetland: Tracing the dynamics of Nature intervention (with Prof. Yosi Ben-Artzi, Haifa University), Haifa University

In Progress


Noam Zaradez

Environmental Education Manpower in Israel – Between Formal and Informal frameworks (with Prof. Tali Tal of the Department of Education in Science and Technology at the Technion),

The Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University.


Rotem Leshem

Emotions and Identity in Stories of Three Generations of “Ashkenazi” Immigrant Families in Israel. The Porter School of Cultural Studies, Tel Aviv University.

Yifat Moas

Radical Movements in Urban Settings: The case of Mizrahi Activists in Tel Aviv. The Porter School of Cultural Studies, Tel Aviv University.


Idit Alhasid

Implementing recycling habits by communities in Israel: When Policy making and local identities clash – Developmental town communities in the Negev as cases in point. The Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University


M.A. Dissertations


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[A] The Unit of Culture Research



Itamar Manoff

Semantic Frames in Second Language Pedagogy: Repertoire Production and Acculturation in Asymmetric Discourse (with Prof. Tamar Sovran, Department of Hebrew Language, TAU)


Gagu Eshet

Dwelling places as a factor of identity construction.


Rotem Leshem

Experience in Interaction: Micro-sociological perspectives and an analysis of focus practices.


Tamar Priel

Cultural Systems and Psycho-Cultural Models Change: Women Empowerment through Self Defense as a Case Study.


Elinor Carmi

The Penetration of the Psychedelic Trance Culture into Israel, 1989-1999


Netta Kamminsky

Nannies Talk about Their Profession: The Case of Israeli Child-Care Workers – Field, Repertoire and Doscursiv Strategies.


Maya Vinitsky

Jewish Carpentry in Palestine, 1928-1929: A Case Study in

the Formation of a Professional Field.


Timna Grossman,

Environmental attitudes among teenagers in Israel and the impact of the education system and the 'green' bodies’ activities: A case study in the Western Galilee.


Matan Yair

“’Cool’? ‘Nerd’? There Is No Such Thing”: Teenagers Talk about their Social World


Dan Even

Strategies of constructing professional identity of anesthesiologists in Israel: Dominated Field within a Dominating Field.


Ziv Reinstein

"A Personal Card to Love": The Presentation of Self in Internet Dating Sites.


Emanuela Calò

“The Italian Cuisine” in Israel: A Test Case of the Transformation in the Culinary Field in the 1980s and 1990s.


Yifat Gutman

The Popular and the Elite: Negotiating Cultural Legitimacy as a Struggle for Position.


Simona Wasserman

Mediating Agencies in the Field of World Music in Israel: Strategies of Operation and Self- Presentation.


Rachel Koriat

“Clear the way to the new pioneering in the conquest of the dog for the building of our country”: Building up the Field of Professional Dog Breeding in Palestine, 1934-1948.


Nahuel Ribke

“The Ugly” vs. “The Beautiful” Israeli: Struggles over Defining Israeli Identity.


Eleanor Eitam

The Formation of Hi-Tech Culture in Israel as an Elite Culture.


Chagit Kahan

Kiryat Borukhov in Ramat Gan: From a Case of Cultural Planning in a Histadrut Cooperative Housing Project to a Gradual Transformation into a Regular Neighborhood.


Rami Shir

Hackers: The formation of a Fringe Group and its Institutionallization.


Orna Naftali

Models of Love and Relationships in the Journalistic Discourse of Contemporary China. (with Prof. Aharon Shai, Tel Aviv University).


[B] The Porter School of Environmental Studies


Idit Alhasid

Changes of recycling habits as related to local communities’ identities: South Tel Aviv Communities as cases in point.


Elana Erez

Examination of Processes of Public Participation in Declaring Biospheric Spaces (with Dr. Uri Sheines, Haifa University).


Keren Yavetz

Enchanted by the Garden: Women Leading Community Gardens Activity in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (with Professor Tovi Fenster, The Department of Geography and the Human Environment)


Noam Zaradez

Professional Identity of Environmental School Teachers in Israel


Lara Paran

Dynamics of Local Environmental Struggle: Structural and Cultural Aspects (with Prof. Isaak Omer, The Department of Geography and the Human Environment).

In Progress

[A] at the Unit of Culture Research

Noa Levin

The role of ethnic and national communities in the identity construction of Arab and Jews in a local community in Haifa.


Revital Gottschalk



Nir Gefen


[B] at The Porter School of Environmental Studies, TAU

Mor Shavsha

Characteristics and motivations of second hand clothing consumption in Israel: Aspects of identity and their link to pro-environment attitudes (with Dr. Tal Catz-Gerro, Anthropology, Haifa University).


Efrat Bar

Public participation in Marine Protected Areas in Israel (with Dr. Michele Portman, The Technion).


Shahar Shiloah

Professional and inter-generational gaps in environmental approaches in a Kibbutz society (with Dr. Ina Lakin, Sociology, The Open University).