Research Interest

  • Axion-Photon conversion.
  • Quantum simulation for HEP

  • List of Publications

  • Eduardo I. Guendelman, Shay Leizerovitch and Idan Shilon, Axions scattering from a quadrupole magnetic field, International Journal of Modern Physics A 27, 3n04 (2012).
  • Seminars and Talks

  • 2011, Axion-Photon conversion in a quadrupole magnetic field, a seminar given at the BGU-HEP group research seminar, Beer-Sheva, Israel.

    Teaching Assistance


  • Lab 1 for electrical engineering

  • Durring the M.Sc. study (BGU)

  • Introduction to elementary particles and field theory
  • Mechanics for electrical & computer engineering.
  • Mechanics for Bio-Mechanical engineering.
  • Electrostatics for industry & management engineering.
  • Lab 1 for engineering students.


    Kaplun building, Room 510