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Fleischman Faculty of Engineering

  • Prof. Avi Kribus: Solar concentrators, thermal and photovoltaic conversion systems, energy storage
  • Profs. Yehuda Taitel and Dvora Barnea: Heat transfer in solar collectors
  • Prof. Joseph Appelbaum: PV systems and networks
  • Profs. Yoram Shapira and Yossi Rosenwaks: Semiconductor materials and energy conversion devices
  • Prof. George Weiss: Electric grid integration of renewable electricity
  • Profs. Avi Seifert and Gregory Zilman: Wind turbine aerodynamics
  • Dr. Avi Dayan: Solar desalination, solar thermal collectors, energy storage
  • Dr. Doron Shmilovitz: Electrical converters for solar and wind systems

Wise Faculty of Life Sciences

  • Profs. Amram Eshel, Aviah Zilberstein and Yoav Waisel: Increased tree biomass using saline irrigation
  • Prof. Roni Aloni: Improving tree trunk biomass
  • Profs. Adi Avni and Bernard Epel and Dr. Guido Sessa: Improving plant resistance to biotic stresses
  • Dr. Marcelo Sternberg: Interaction of vegetation with soil and atmosphere, climatic changes and effects of energy use
  • Profs. Hillel From, Aviah Zilberstein and Adina Breiman: Improving plant resistance to abiotic stresses
  • Prof. Raphael Lamed: Biotechnology, enzyme technology and anaerobic microbiology, cellulolytic microorganisms

Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences

  • Profs. Emanuel Peled and Diana Golodnitsky: Electrochemistry of fuel cells and batteries http://www.tau.ac.il/chemistry/peled/
  • Dr. Shahar Richter: Biomolecular electronics

Buchmann Faculty of Law

  • Dr. David Schorr: Environmental and natural resource law

Faculty of Management

  • Prof. Asher Tishler: Energy policy
  • Prof. Yehuda Kahane: Financing and entrepreneurship in renewable energy

Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Dr. Avi Gottlieb: Urban sustainability
  • Prof. Dan Rabinowitz: Environment and society
  • Dr. Dorit Kerret: Environmental law and policy
  • Prof. Gila Menachem: Sociological and political aspects of public policy

Entin Faculty of Humanities

  • Dr. Hadas Saaroni: Climatology, climate change, impact of energy use
  • Dr. Dror Avisar: Biofuel precursor diagnostics