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This high-profile Tel Aviv University conference will place Israel firmly in the center of the renewable energy map. Attendees will be professionals, experts and scholars from Israel and around the world who share a common goal: to promote research on and implementation of renewable energy solutions for the benefit of the entire planet.

The conference reflects the wealth of research being conducted by a critical mass of Tel Aviv University researchers across six faculties. These experts are innovating new technologies in solar energy - particularly conversion efficiency, photovoltaic conversion, thermal solar electricity, solar desalination and thermal storage - as well as in wind energy, biomass energy and biofuels. The shift from fossil fuels to such technologies will be a central issue in bolstering the world's capacity to prevent the disastrous effects of climate change.

Moreover, the development in Israel of new renewable energy technologies will be vital for Israel itself: it will both boost the standing of the Israeli economy as a technological powerhouse, and help diminish the geopolitical clout of oil-producing countries in the region by reducing the world's dependence on oil.

Goals of the Conference

  • To promote advanced, applied research initiatives in the Middle East
  • To explore regional factors in global warming
  • To encourage Israel's business community to take a front seat role in implementing renewable energy solutions
  • To address Israel's energy policy and future energy independence

The conference will build on TAU's high standing in the international scientific community, as well as on Israel's tradition of excellence and leadership in the renewable energy field, for the benefit of Israel's economic development, security and international sustainability.