Nir Sharon

: 121 Schreiber building
Office phone
: 03-640-6375
Email: nsharon at

Main research interests:
Approximation on manifolds,
Estimation problems over groups, Mathematics of electron microscopy, Geometric modelling, Numerical algorithms, Applied harmonic analysis.

Teaching 22-23

Spring 24   Classical Approximation Methods And Extension To Manifolds, see here.

24:    Advanced Seminar in Applied Mathematics, see description

Winter 24
  Numerical Analysis (undergraduate course), see here.

Previous teaching (2019-2022): Advanced graduate level course:
Estimation Problems over Groups, see here

current Research group

Graduate Students

Ido Hadi
Wael Mattar
Asaf Abas

Master Students

Lev Kapnulin
Orel Levy
Maayan Yesharim
Hadar Landau

Gil Drozatz
Guy Hay
Noam Cayron
Vladimir Yevsukov