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Bad Breath (halitosis) Research


Figures & Tables

Sorry, but the figures and tables haven't yet been added to the web site. Here are the legends to the missing figures:

Figure 1:
Gum mastic. Gum mastic is an ancient Mediterranean remedy for bad breath, and is still chewed for this purpose.
Figure 2:
The Spoon Test. A simple test for diagnosing oral malodor involves scraping the posterior part of the tongue dorsum with a plastic spoon. Odor from the spoon often closely resembles the overall mouth odor, and is frequently accompanied by a yellowish discharge, probably postnasal drip.
Figure 3:
Tonsilloliths: An assortment of tonsilloliths collected from a single subject.
Figure 4:
Tongue scrapers: A variety of tongue scrapers are currently available for cleaning the tongue dorsum.