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Tips for Tongue Brushing

Brush your tongue whenever you brush your teeth. Choose a brush (make sure that the bristles are not hard) that minimizes gagging reflex. Stroke from near the throat (as far in as you can get) in an outwards motion. Take care not to press to hard, as you don't want to do damage your tongue. For even better results, try wetting the brush with an effective mouthwash.

Another way of cleaning your tongue is to use a tongue scraper. Several kinds are currently available. You can also try using a piece of gauze, washcloth or other material, which you can wet with mouthwash or water.

People with hairy tongues (you can ask your dentist whether yours is hairy) may have more likelihood of having bad breath from their tongue. So do people with periodontal disease. Smokers may similarly suffer from foul tongue odor. In such instances, back-of- the-tongue cleaning becomes even more important. Visit Dr. Rosenberg's new website on smells