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Bad Breath (halitosis) Research

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kidsBabies generally have a sweet, pleasant breath. I have heard it said that this is related to breast feeding, but since the babies I have smelled were both breast fed and had sweet breath, I can't verify or reject this notion. However, babies and very small children can have bad breath. One common type is that associated with throat infections, a smell that mothers recognize better than I. The other kinds are similar to the smells adults have. Very young children can have smell from the back of their tongues. This odor can be removed by cleaning the tongue, although this is more difficult to perform with youngsters. Young children can also have odor coming from their teeth. In most cases, proper brushing can take care of this. In some cases, in preteens and teenagers, cleaning between adjacent teeth may be extremely important to minimize bad breath.

Tips for young kids with bad smell

brush your teethbrush their teeth regularly and properly (parents should help youngsters brush properly, following dental instruction), and gently sweep the brush over their tongue as well.  have their nose checked if an odor suddenly develops check whether they may have sore throat  check their pockets to look for dead frogs, wet socks, etc.


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