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Chew cloves

Iraqis have, since time immemorial (I say that, not being able to give a specific date), chewn clove to freshen breath. Not everyone likes the taste of cloves, but they do contain substances that are anathema to bacteria. The antibacterial agents are oily and can be derived from the clove in the form of essential oil, and can be incorporated into mouthwashes, toothpastes, etc. Clove oil also has analgesic properties, and is used by dentists for all sorts of things (that's why the smell may remind you of your dentists' office). Other essential oils that have some antibacterial activity in the mouth include those derived from eucalyptus, cinnamon and mint. Since most westerners associated minty taste with freshness, most breath freshening products have this flavor. Chewing parsley has also been recommended.