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Chewing Gum

chewing gum and bad breathThe efficacy of chewing gum is probably due to the effect of salivation, combined with the cleansing effect of mastication.
What kind of chewing gum you chew is probably less important.

Chewing gum has its downsides. Firstly, excessive chewing can screw up the joints connecting your jaw. Some people also claim that chewing gum gets your stomach all excited and prepared for food, when none is forthcoming.

The best compromise appears to be to chew gum for a minute or two at a time. Also, since chewing is not exactly a welcome habit for bankers, teachers, doctors or lawyers on the job, I recommend that one chews a piece of gum (preferably sugarless) during brief visits to the bathroom. One can chew for a minute or so in privacy, and part with the wad in the washroom, before stepping back into society. Visit Dr. Rosenberg's new website on smells