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Bad Breath (halitosis) Research

bvtitle.gif (3004 bytes)Better Breath & Healthier Gums

bbhgcover2.jpg (4859 bytes)An entertaining video, produced in 1996 at the University of Toronto, features Dr. Mel Rosenberg (Tel Aviv University) and Dr. C.A.G. McCulloch (University of Toronto). The video covers the essentials of bad breath, periodontal disease, and the relationship between them. Ideal for dental waiting rooms, patients, and the general public.


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Including the following topics:

  • Why is bad breath a major social problem

  • The bad breath paradox

  • Tests for sensing one's own oral malodor

  • The confidant

  • Wrist Lick Test

  • Importance of the Back of the Tongue

  • Postnasal drip and bad breath

  • The Dental Floss Test

  • Importance of the Dentist

  • Cleaning the tongue

  • When to use mouthrinse

  • Diet and bad breath

  • Halitophobia

  • Assuta mouthwash

  • Why don't we know about gum disease until it's often too late?

  • Are there any signs at home?

  • Reversible and irreversible stages of periodontal disease

  • Managing periodontal disease

  • The relationship between gum disease and bad breath

  • The importance of dental flossing

  • Treatment in the dental office

  • The importance of oral hygiene at home

  • Smoking, bad breath and gum disease

  • Tips on avoiding gum disease

  • The usefulness and limitations of mouthwashes

  • Better Breath Video

    $79 (handling and shipping included). $69 for members of the International Society for Breath Odor Research (to apply for membership to the Society please contact Prof. Mel Rosenberg, via fax: 972-3-6406023 or e-mail (

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