Professional Activities






Talia Rubovitz-Mann, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2000 (committee member)
Topic: Extractions from relative clauses an information structure account

Takaaki Hara, Utrecht University, 2002 (committee member)
Topic: Anaphoric dependencies in Japanese

Dana Cohen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2004 (committee member)
Topic: Intensive reflexives from sentence to discourse

Noga Balaban, Tel Aviv University, 2011 (supervision together with Naama Friedmann)
Topic: Linguistic implications of acquired damage to Theory of Mind

Ofir Zussman, Tel Aviv University, 2014
Topic: Grammaticization processes of concessive constructions

Marit Shternau, Tel Aviv University, 2014 (supervision together with Rachel Giora)
Topic: Levels of interpretation: Linguistic meaning and inferences

Elitzur Dattner, Tel Aviv University, 2015
Topic: Mapping Hebrew Dative Constructions

Daniel Kalev, Tel Aviv University, 2018 (supervision together with Uri Mor)
Topic: Modern times: New aspectual and modal constructions in contemporary Hebrew




Nina Luskin, Hebrew University, 2007- (committee member)
Topic: Negative polarity items and discourse information structure

Oshri Weiss, Hebrew University, 2008- (committee member)
Topic: A pragmatic perspective of the differences between individuals in performing reasoning tasks

Itai Kupershmidt, Ph.D student at Tel Aviv University, 2012- (supervision together with Moshe Florentin)
Topic: Alternative Relations in Biblical Hebrew: A Syntactic, Semantic and Pragmatic Study

Ruti Bardenstein, Ph.D student at Tel Aviv University, 2015-

Topic: Grammaticization paths of rectification constructions

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Alon Fishman, Ph.D candidate at Tel Aviv University, 2016-

Israela Becker, Ph.D candidate at Tel Aviv University, 2017- (Supervision together with Rachel Giora)

Shirli Or, Ph.D candidate at Tel Aviv University, 2017- (Supervision together with Orna Peleg)

Carlo Meloni Direct Ph.D candidate at Tel Aviv University, 2019- (Supervision together with Hava Bat-Zeev Shyldkrot)






Nurit Assayag, 1999 (Tel Aviv University)
Thesis title: Subject selection in discourse: Cognitive constraints and genre effects

Yafa Rosenfeld, 2000 (Tel Aviv University) (No thesis)

Evan Gary Cohen, 2003 (Tel Aviv University)
Thesis title: The pragmatics-phonology interface: Accessibility and reduction Hebrew possessives

Iman Midlige, 2003- (Tel Aviv University)

Ruti Kahalon-Bardenstein, 2005 (Tel Aviv University)
Thesis title: (The pragmatics of Hebrew diminutive quantifiers)

Meira Hass, 2008 (Tel Aviv University) (No thesis)

Elitzur Dattner, 2008 (Tel Aviv University)
Thesis title: Lower transitivity constructions in Hebrew: The case of motion verbs

Roey Gafter, 2008 (Tel Aviv University)
Thesis title: Where they linger on: motivating the current distribution of plural feminine pronouns in Hebrew.

Fainan Ganem, 2008- (Tel Aviv University)

Tal Linzen, 2009 (Tel Aviv University)
Thesis title: Hebrew Possessive Datives: The effects of affectedess

Hillel Taub-Tabib, 2009 (Tel Aviv University)
Thesis title: Subject-verb inversion in Hebrew intransitive clauses

Dolly Goldenberg 2010- (Tel Aviv University)

Maria Goldshtein, 2015 (Tel Aviv University)
Thesis title: A discourse-based typology of intensifiers

Shaul Lev, 2016 (Tel Aviv University)

Thesis title: Hebrew Labile Alternation

Shirly Malichi-Or 2016 (Tel Aviv University, supervision with Orna Peleg)

Thesis title: The case of literally true propositions with flase implicatures

Israela Becker 2016 (Tel Aviv University, supervision with Rachel Giora)

Thesis title: The Negation Operator is not a Suppressor of the Concept in its

Scope. In fact, Quite the Opposite

Elior Elkayam 2018 (Tel Aviv University)

Thesis title: From predication to prediction: The grammaticalization of the Hebrew verb haya

Daniel Asherov 2016 (Tel Aviv University, supervision with Evan Cohen and Outi Bat El) (No thesis)

Nicole Kritsin 2016- (Tel Aviv University)

Thesis title: Minimum and maximum constructions: Semantics and argumentation

Yael Barkai 2018- (Tel Aviv University)

Ittamr Erb 2019- (Tel Aviv University)

Shaul Ashkenazi 2019- (Tel Aviv University)





Prof. Patrick Duffley March 2018, Laval University, Canada

Scott Spicer, 2014-15; 2016-17, Northwestern university








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