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section*Homework number 1.

We can define a simple ftp (sftp) to support the following ftp commands,

  1. open destination - opens a connection to destination.
  2. get remote-file local-file - get the remote file named remote-file and puts it locally in file local-file.
  3. put local-file remote-file - puts the local file named local-file and in the remote location at a file named remote-file.
  4. close - closes the current connection.

For next week Suggest a protocol to connect a client to a server that perform our sftp. Try to foresee as many potential problems as you can. (The server needs to be able to support many clients.)

For Dec. 3, 1997

  1. Implement an sftp server and client and test them.
  2. Document your code.
  3. Write in HTML: a user manual (namely describe how to use your sftp, a maintenance manual that includes a description of you protocol and code, and a and add pointers to your code. (All this should be short.)
No class on November 27, 1997!!!

Yishay Mansour
Thu Nov 27 12:26:51 GMT+0200 1997