Final Projects - Reinforcement Learning

Omer Berkman - mix game
Sivan Sabato    - Diminishing the Size of the Searched MDP by Utilizing Symmetries
Shlomy Boshy - Packet Routing Using Reinforcement Learning -
Theory and Simulation
Yael Bdolah & Dror Livnat - Reinforcement Learning Playing Tetris
Andrie Suciu - A Survey on Network Routing and Reinforcement Learning
Shachar Harussi - Yatzhee and Reinforcement Learning
Orit Mazor, Nimrod Hoofien and Sigal Kortzyn Elevator Control
Libi Hertzberg and Yossi Mossel -  A Learning Traffic Light
Doron Jacobi - Q Routing
Alexander Rusinov - Toolkit
 Eyal Even-Dar - Complexity of policy Iteration and Related Issues
Moti Gindi - Optimal Asset Allocation
Adi Akavia - Finite Sample Convergence Rates
Keren Saggie and Elhanan Borenstein - Campus
       Exploration & Navigation Agent