To execute the game manager (server) extract the package and run the manager GUI from the package root using the following command:

java-cp rlsadna.jar:bin/core-renderer.jar:bin/Tidy.jar apps.server.ServerPanel 

By default the game is played three times and it is assumed that the playing agents are running on the same host as the manager. To change the defaults the following parameters may be added to the command:

<p1host> <p2host> <repetitions>

To implement a playing agent implement a class that implements the interface (a sample random player is provided in 

To execute, run the main method of the class player.gamer.statemachine.sadna.SadnaGamer with arguments
indicating the role (player 1 or 2) and your player implementation class:
java -cp rlsadna.jar:.. player.gamer.statemachine.sadna.SadnaGamer <1 or 2> <yourGamerClassName> 

NEW: now you may check the quality of your agent by playing against a good player from a past workshop! 
use the goodplayer.jar and rlsadna.jar libraries and provide the following parameters at the java run command:
java -cp rlsadna.jar:goodplayer.jar player.gamer.statemachine.sadna.SadnaGamer <1 or 2> Players.GoodPlayer

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