Computational Game Theory: Final Project


Each student will have to do a final project in the class.

The project can be of a variety of types (but has to be first approved!!!)


List of approved projects


Types of projects:

1.     Summary of a few papers on a specific subject (saying what is the main contribution and results, and also the main proof "ideas" and "methodology".)

2.     Concentrating on a specific paper, considering extensions or modification the model, and study how they impact the results.

3.     Looking at a specific research (usually inspired by some paper) and trying to prove something new. (There is no need to guarantee something new, in case you fail it is sufficient to describe what where the "proof attempts" and why did they "fail".)

4.     A more empirical work, trying to do an empirical evaluation of a certain game theoretic environment or algorithm. (Need to specify what are the goals of the investigation).

5.     Any other research proposal that you might think on doing (I will approve reasonable projects, which are related to class, and are of sufficient depth and breadth).


Papers to read: Good starting points are papers and subjects we covered in class. The following are lists that contain a starting point for research

1.     Quality of Equilibrium

2.     Complexity

3.     Regret analysis

4.     Dynamics of Nash Eq. (also some Correlated Eq.)

5.     Digital good auction


Student Group size: The project can be done either by an individual student, pair of students or a triplet.  (The expectation from the project will be proportional to the number of students participating.)


Proposal and Approval: On May 30, 2006 please give the proposal that should include:

1.     List of students in the group.

2.     The general area that you intend to consider, and the specific paper or set of papers you will look at.

3.     The type of project you would like to do (Here there can be considerable flexibility, and you can decide latter, but give your initial thoughts).

You have to get your project idea approved in advanced!!!