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Molecular Genetics, Signal Transduction and Plant Innate Immunity 


Prof Adi Avni (cv)


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Department of Molecular Biology and Ecology of Plants

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv 69978


Induction of plant innate immunity by a fungal effector (MAMP)

Plant resistance against disease involves inducible defense mechanisms (innate immunity). Our research focuses on understanding the signal transduction pathway by which a fungal protein elicitor (EIX) induces innate immunity in tomato and tobacco plants. We address this question from several angles:  We use genetic approach to isolate of a novel gene family from tomato (LeEix) a leucine rich repeat receptor like protein (RLP) that show homology to resistance genes. Using biochemistry and cell biology techniques, we study the signaling process that lead to the induction of innate immunity. Our data indicate a distinct endosomal signaling mechanism for induction of defense responses in this RLP system.