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Lior Tabansky

I am a scholar of cyber power, currently serving in three roles in Tel Aviv University, Israel.

I offer a unique cybersecurity grasp, combining 15 years of IT-pro work, Security Studies academic training, and business consultancy experience in formulating cyber strategies for enterprises and governments of developed nations.​ 


Dr. Lior Tabansky earned a PhD in Political Science, an MA in Security Studies and BA in Political Science – all from Tel Aviv University.

Lior's doctoral dissertation "Explaining National Cyber Insecurity: A New Strategic Defense Adaptation Analytical Framework" (Tel Aviv University, School of Government and Politics, 2018) builds upon Defense Adaptation and Military Innovation theoretical framework to explain why even the most advanced nations remain exposed to destructive cyberattacks on strategic homeland targets by foreign states. The dissertation, advised by Prof. Azar Gat & Prof. Isaac Ben Israel, expanded the analytical scope of Security Studies beyond military ‎organizations to address cybersecurity. The empirical section of the dissertation compares critical infrastructure protection and national cybersecurity strategy of Singapore, Israel and the United States.

Cybersecurity in Israel,” 's 2015 book co-authored with Professor Maj.-Gen. Isaac Ben-Israel, is the first comprehensive "insider" account of decades of Israeli policy and operations. Moreover, the authors develop an original analysis of the roles grand strategy and innovation play in cybersecurity.
Lior Tabansky conducted research at the Institute for National Security Studies ‎‎(INSS) think-tank in Tel Aviv, where he authored and published the ‎inaugural Israeli cybersecurity scholarship in 2011-2013.

In parallel with academic work, Lior has built a record of accomplishment in tackling complex policy problems through strategic advisory in Asia and Europe. Recently Dr. Tabansky led the comprehensive commercial research and analysis to develop a national cybersecurity strategy. Dr. Tabansky produced a structured report detailing the vision, strategic principles, and dozens of tailored policy recommendations for the said nation’s government.

Lior Tabanskiy  Solutions to Cyber Influence Operations 2018

Cyberweek 2018:
Influence Operations and Global Geopolitics

Prof. Joseph S. Nye, University Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus and Former Dean - Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 
Dr. Lior Tabansky, Blavatnik ICRC, Tel Aviv
Prof. Martin Libicki, Professor - U.S. Naval Academy 
Dr. Eviatar Matania, First and Former Director General - Israel National Cyber Directorate
Moderator: Barbara Carfagna, Investigative Journalist and Anchorwoman - RAI TV.
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Lior Tabansky
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