2.5 T electromagnet, 19 T SC magnet, 5T MPMS QD, 14T PPMS QD


Experimental solid state physics and nano-technology. In particular electronic and magnetic properties of thin films and interfaces. Influence of disorder, chemical doping and crystal structure on magnetic, superconducting and optical properties. Superconductivity in disordered films. Device physics and development of new experimental techniques.


  • Thin film deposition.
  • Semiconductor processing in clean environment.
  • Magnetic characterization.
  • Electrical transport measurements.
  • Cryogenics.
  • Vacuum systems.


High sensitivity magnetic field sensor.

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Controllably oxidized CoFeB ferromagnetic films exhibit extraordinary Hall effect (EHE) resistivity exceeding 1 Ωcm and magnetic field sensitivity up to 106 Ω/T. Such EHE resistivity is four orders of magnitude higher than that previously observed in ferromagnetic materials, while sensitivity is two orders larger than the best of semiconductors.

Gas sensor based on anomalous Hall effect.

New concept of magnetic gas detection by the EHE. Simultaneous measurement of two independent parameters resistivity and magnetization. Feasibility of the approach is demonstrated by detecting low concentration hydrogen using thin CoPd films as the sensor material.The Hall effect sensitivity of the optimized samples exceeds 240% per 104 ppm at hydrogen concentrations below 0.5% in the hydrogen/nitrogen atmosphere.



  • 2015 Post-Doc Tel-Aviv University
  • 2013 Post-Doc LNCMI-T CNRS France
  • 2012 Post-Doc Condensed Matter Physics Weizmann Institute of Science


  • 2010 Ph.D Chemical Physics Weizmann Institute of Science
  • 2005 M.Sc Physics The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • 2003 B.Sc Physics The Hebrew University of Jerusalem