Asa Kasher, PhD

Personal Information


Postal Address: 71 Mendes St.,                       Date of Birth:      6 June 1940

 Ramat-Gan, 52653                    Place of Birth:     Jerusalem, Israel

 Israel                                       Nationality:         Israeli

Telephone:      +972 3 6350658                        Marital Status:    Married

    to Naomi W. Kasher

                                                Children:             Yehoraz (1966-1991),

E-mail:                                              Shirith, Avshalom

URL:          Military Service: 1962-65 Service in Israeli

                                                                                                    Defense Force (Major)





Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

1963 M.Sc. in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and History and Philosophy of Science. Dissertation Supervisor: Michael Rabin


Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

1971 Ph.D. in Philosophy. Thesis Supervisor: Yehoshua Bar-Hillel



1962-64            Member, Applied Logic Branch, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


1965-72            Instructor, Department of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University, Department of Philosophy, Bar-Ilan University


1969-70            Member, Applied Logic Branch, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


1971-72            Assistant Professor and Research Associate, University of Texas at Austin


1972-75 Senior Lecturer of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University


1973-75            Research Associate, Technische Universitat Berlin


1975-79            Associate Professor of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University


1976                 Research Associate, University of Amsterdam


1977                 Research Associate, Ruhr-Universitat, Bochum


1978                 Research Associate, Rijksuniversiteit Gent, Vriej Universiteit Brussel


1979                 Visiting Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford


1979-                Full Professor of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University


1979-1990         Full Professor of Philosophy, Bar-Ilan University


1980-                Professor, IDF College of Command and General Staff


1985                 Senior Exchange Scholar, Universita di Pavia


1986-87            Visiting Scholar, Philosophy and Psychology, UCLA


1988-89            Visiting Professor, Philosophy and Psychology, UCLA


1989-93            Horodisch Professor of Philosophy of Language, Tel Aviv University


1989                 Visiting Professor, Philosophy, UCLA


1990                 Visiting Professor, Philosophy, UCLA


1991                 Visiting Professor, Philosophy, UCLA


1992-                Adjunct Senior Associate, Technion


1993-                Laura Schwarz-Kipp Professor of Professional Ethics and Philosophy of Practice, Tel Aviv University


‏2004                 Visiting Professor, Center of  Military and Strategic Studies,

                        University of Calgary




1976-78            Secretary, Israel Philosophical Association


1979-82            Head, Program of General Studies in the Humanities and Pre-Law Program, Tel Aviv University


1984-88            Member, Helsinki Committee, Tel Aviv University


1985-                Member, Helsinki Committee, Ministry of Health


1986-91            President, Israel Philosophical Association


1986-90            Member, Appointments Committee, School of Cultural Studies, Tel Aviv University


1986-90            Member, Graduate Studies Committee, School of Cultural Studies, Tel Aviv University


1987-88            Chair, Appointments Committee, Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Tel Aviv University


1988                 Chair, Helsinki Committee, Tel Aviv University


1988-                Member, Executive Committee, The Israeli Society of Medical Ethics


1988-90            Member, Secretariat, Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Tel Aviv Branch


1989-91            Chair, Appointments Committee, Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Tel Aviv University


1989-90            Member, Central (Executive) Committee, Tel Aviv University


1990-                Member, Israel Press Council


1992-                Member, Steering Committee, Bereavement Fund, Ministry of Defense and Tel Aviv University


1992-                Member, Eternalization Committee, Armor Association


1992-                Member, Council, Armor Association


1992                 Member, Academic Steering Committee, IDF Intelligence College


1992-94            Head, Military Ethics Committee, IDF Personnel Division


1992                 Head, Israel Prize Committee, Philosophy


1992                 Head, Basic Research Fund Committee (Israel Academy), Philosophy


1992-2002         Member, Steering Committee, Super-Center of Brain Research, Tel Aviv University


1993                 Member, Advisory Committee, Tel-Hai College


1993                 Member, "Dangerous Games" Committee, IDF Education Force


1993                 Israel Delegation to UNESCO (Representative, Committee V)


1993-97            Member, Honorary Degrees Committee, Tel Aviv University


1994-                Member, Advisory Committee, Mount Eytan National War Museum


1994-                Member, Public Council, Mount Eytan National War Museum (by Prime Minister's appointment)


1994-                Member, Ethics Court, Press Council


1994-2002         Member, Scientific Committee, Super-Center of Brain Research, Tel Aviv University


1994-2001         Member, National Council of Research and Development (by Government appointment)


1995-2001         Member, Committee of Sorting and Evaluating Art Schools (by Government appointment)


1995                 Member, Ethics Committee, Librarian Society


1995-                Member, Advisory Scientific Committee, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University


1995-97            Head, Ethics and Copyright Committee, National Council of Research and Development


1995                 Member, Advisory Board, Center for Quality Leadership Development, Zichron Ya'akov


1995                 Member, Ad hoc committee on quality control committees and inquiry committees, Ministry of Health (by Minister of Health appointment)


1995                 Member, Public committee on the legal status of the press (Zadoq Committee) (by Minister of Justice and Minister of Interior Affairs appointment)


1995-2003                  Head, Cognitive Studies of Language and its Uses Graduate Program

Tel Aviv University


1996- 97           Member, IDF committee on motivation


1997-99            Member, Academic Advisory Committee, IDF Military Academy


1997-99            Member, Committee on National Mourning (Safrai Committee) (by Ministerial Committee for Ceremonies and Emblems appointment)


1997                 Fellow, University of California Humanities Research Center, Irvine


1998-                Member, Ministry of Health Committee on Medical Administration of Drugs


1998-                Member, European Academy of Sciences and Arts


1999-                Member, IDF Advisory Team on Casualties


1999-                Member, Security Committee

                        (by Prime Minister appointment)


2000-02            Member, Steinberg Committee on Euthanasia; head, sub-committee: Philosophy, ethics and values


2000-02            Head, Kasher Committee on National Mourning (by Ministerial Committee for Ceremonies and Emblems appointment)


2000-                Member, Steering Committee, Ethics Center of Jerusalem


2000-                Head, Inter-University Committee on Academic Ethics


2001-                Member, Bioethics Advisory Committee, Israel National Academy of Sciences and Humanities


2002-                Member, Committee on the Legal Status of the Embryo

                        (by Minister of Health appointment)


2003-                Head, 2nd Authority for Television and Radio Public Committee on the Ethics of Commercials


2003-05            Head, Israel Securities Authority Public Committee on the Ethics of Financial Internet Sites


2004-                Member, Military Censorship Committee


2004-                Vice Chair, Steering Committee, Ethics Center of Jerusalem


2004-                Member, Public Committee on the Ethics of the Member of Knesseth

                        (by the Speaker of the House’s appointment)


2004-                Member, National Bioethics Council

                        (by Governmental appointment)




1997                 Itzhak Sade Prize for Military Literature, Military Ethics


2000                 Prize of Israel, Philosophy


2004                 Honorary Degree (H.C.), Academic College, Netanya


Awards and Grants


1963-64            Research Grant, US Office of Naval Research


1966                 Scholarship, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


1969-70            Research Grant, US Air Force Office of Scientific Research


1971                 Fulbright Travel Grant, USA State Department


1973                 Research Grant, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities


1973-75            Research Grants, DFG (FRG)


1975-78            Research Grants, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities


1976                 Research Grant, ZWO (Netherlands)


1977                 Research Grant, DFG (FRG)


1978                 Scholarship, Ministry of National Education and Dutch Culture (Belgium)


1979                 Grant, Sherman Foundation (UK)


1980                 Research Grant, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities


1985                 Scholarship, National Research Council of Italy


1989-92            Grant, US-Israel Bi-national Foundation


1991-92            Grant, Tel Aviv University, President's Fund


1992-95            Research Grant, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities


1997-2000         Grant, Tel Aviv University, President’s Fund


2000-02            Grant, Tel Aviv University



Membership in Learned Societies


European Academy of Sciences and Arts


American Philosophical Association


Association of Philosophy Journal Editors



International Conferences and Lectures



Editorial Boards


1970-                Editor, Philosophia, Philosophical Quarterly of Israel


1969-82            Associate Editor, Information Sciences


1976-82            Executive Committee Member, Linguistics and Philosophy


1976-                Advisory Editor, Journal of Pragmatics


1978-2000         Advisory Editor, Theoretical Linguistics


1979-                Advisory Editor, Text


1982-85            Advisory Editor, Journal of Semantics


1982-90            Advisory Editor, Linguistics and Philosophy


1985-                Associate, The Behavioral and Brain Sciences


1991-                Corresponding Editor, Journal of Ritual Studies


1991-97            Consulting Editor, Pragmatics and Cognition


1992-                Editorial Board, member, Studia Culturologica


1992-                Scientific Committee, member, Incontri, citta aperta


2001-                Associate Editor, Journal of Military Ethics


2001-                Editorial Board, National Defense Studies


2003-                Advisory Board, At the Interface/Probing the Bounderies series



1981-82            Guest Editor, Philosophica (Gent), issues 27-29


1985                 Guest Editor, Theoretical Linguistics, issues 9:1; 12:2/3


1988                 Guest Editor, Journal of Pragmatics, issues 12:5/6


1991                 Guest Editor, Journal of Pragmatics, issue 16:5


List of Publications



Linguistics and Logic: Conspectus and Prospects, Scriptor Verlag, 1975.

Philosophical Linguistics: An Introduction (with S. Lappin), Scriptor Verlag 1977.

Military Ethics: (Hebrew) Ministry of Defense, Tel Aviv, 1996. 

Spirit of Man: Four Gates: (Hebrew) Am Oved and Yehoraz Association, Tel Aviv, 2000.

A Little Book on the Meaning of Life: (Hebrew) Hakibbutz Hameuchad and Yehoraz Association, Tel Aviv, 2002.

Judaism and Idolatry: (Hebrew) Ministry of Defense, Tel Aviv, 2004.

17 Conversations with Asa Kasher: (Hebrew) Kinneret, Zmora-Bitan, Tel Aviv, 2005.


Language in Focus: Foundations, Methods and Systems, volume 43 of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Reidel, 1976.

Yeshayahu Leibowitz Volume, (Hebrew)  (with Y. Levinger) Papyrus 1977; 2nd ed.: 1982.

Colloquium in Memory of Baruch de Spinoza, February 21, 1977, (Hebrew) Tel Aviv University, 1977.

Religion and Language, (Hebrew) (with M. Halamish), University Projects, 1981.

Israel Effros, Poet and Philosopher, (Hebrew) (with others), Tel Aviv University, 1981.

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The Chomskyan Turn, Blackwell, 1991; paperback edition, 1993 (1st, 2nd printing).

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Pragmatics: Critical Assessment, vols. 1-6, Routledge, 1997.

Meaning of Life, Hakibbutz Hameuchad and Yehoraz Association, 2000.

The Jewish Warrior in WWII, (Hebrew) Armor Association, 2005.

Making Sense of Dying and Death II, Rodopi, 2006.

Making Sense of Dying and Death III, Rodopi, 2007.



Educational Advisers (consulting: 1987)

Social Worker Union (consulting: 1988)

"The Spirit of the IDF: Values and Basic Norms" (1991-1994;1995-)

Israel Police (1993-)

Leumi [Bank] (2003-5)

[Additional items (about 20): Deleted]



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