Itzhak Zilcha


The Berglas School of  Economics, Tel Aviv University


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Updated: November 2009


Publications (Last five years)



“Incomplete Risk Sharing Arrangements and the Value of Information  Economic Theory  21 (2003), 43-58  (with Eckwert).


 "Tax Asymmetry, Production and Hedging", Journal of Business and Economics  (2002), 54 (3), 345-356  (with Eldor).


“Intergenerational Transfers, Production and Income Distribution” Journal of Public Economics, 87 (3) (2003), 489-513.


“Firm’s Output Under Uncertainty and Asymmetric Taxation”, Economica  71 (2004), 141-153  (with Eldor).


“Economic Implications of Better Information in a  Dynamic Framework”,  Economic Theory 24 (2005), 561-581  (with Eckwert).


“The Effect of Better Information on Income Inequality”, Economic Theory (2006). (with Eckwert).


 “Efficiency of Screening and Labor Income Inequality”, Journal of Public Economic Theory  10 (2008), 77-98  (with Eckwert).


“Human Capital and Inequality Dynamics: The Role of Education Technology” Economica , forthcoming in 2009 (with Viaene).


“Improvement in Information and Private Investment in Education”,  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, forthcoming  (joint with Eckwert).






Working Papers



“Private Investment in Higher Education: Comparing Alternative Funding Schemes” (joint with Eckwert).