Izhak Zachi Evenor

Ph.D. of Pure Mathematics
at the School of Mathematical Sciences,
Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Academic Stuff

Contact Details

Name: Dr. Izhak Zachi Evenor.
Office: Schreiber Building, Room 005.
Office address: School of Mathematical Sciences,
Tel Aviv University, 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel.
Office phone: +972-3-640-7729
Department fax: +972-3-640-9357
E-mail: itzhakevenor 'AT' post.tau.ac.il
Supervisor: Professor Mikhail Borovoi

Mathematical interests


  1. Mikhail Borovoi, Zachi Evenor, Real homogenous spaces, Galois cohomology, and Reeder puzzles, Journal of Algebra (2016), pp. 307-365, 10.1016/j.jalgebra.2016.07.032
  2. Zachi Evenor, Solutions of Reeder's Puzzle, 2015 [arXiv:1511.03069]
  3. Mikhail Borovoi, Zachi Evenor, Galois cohomology of simply connected real groups and labelings of Dynkin diagrams, 2014 [arXiv:1406.4362] (accepted)
  4. Zachi Evenor, Calculus for Chemists (Tutoring Lecture Notes), 2014 (TAU Exact Science Library)
  5. I. Evenor, E. Grinvald, F. Lenz, S. Levit, Analysis of light scattering off photonic crystal slabs in terms of Feshbach resonances, 2012
    (The European Physical Journal D, Vol. 66, 2012, p.231) [arXiv:1209.5648]
  6. Izhak Evenor, Eran Grinvald, Frieder Lenz, Shimon Levit, Feshbach resonances and their interaction in light scattering off photonic crystal slabs, 2011 [arXiv:1111.0208]

My Notes and Formula Sheets

Here you can find lecture notes, summaries and formulae sheets I wrote during my studies as a mathematics and physics student at Tel Aviv University. I find them useful and helpful. They are copyrighted (C). You can download and use them (but not to modify them). I made great effort to ensure that they are correct. If there are mistakes please let me know and I'll fix them.
Legal Disclaimer: I bear no responsibility for damage caused by using them. Use on your own responsibility.


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