Updated: 21 August 2014


Itamar Even-Zohar


There is no clash between DNS and Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) on condition that they are operated in turns. This co-habitation makes it possible to dictate in at least two different languages into the same document without having to change the display language of the computer, or having to switch to a different computer user.


You can load both DNS and WSR, and to switch from the one to the other. You only need to turn off the microphone of one application and turn it on on the other. 


I verified that this is still the case with DNS 13. Since Nuance have not released all of the languages for DNS 13, this is the only method for dictating in more than one language.


People who need frequent multilingual use, namely a parallel rather than a serial use of different languages, may find this the only currently viable option as long as either Microsoft or Nuance do not offer a better management for language switching. Such people would certainly find it imperative to purchase DNS even if they’re not current users of it.


There is, however, a minor bug when switching from DNS to WSR.  Instead of inserting the dictated text into the open document, WSR sometimes opens the correction dialogue with the list of alternate texts as if it were an incompatible application.  To resolve that, try to say before you begin dictating “switch to MS Word”, or open a brand new document, dictate a few words, and switch back to the first document to continue dictation.