Itamar Even-Zohar

A Wish list for WSR under Windows 7



Requested Feature



A built-in utility for exporting and importing speech profiles.

This crucial feature is finally available since May 2009. To download it click here.


Ability to save speech data.


Operative in SR Office 2003.


Line / box in the Correction Dialogue for selection and modification by voice or typing.



Correction Button on the Language Bar

Operative in SR Office 2003.


Quick and easy switching procedure between languages by change of engine only, not by change of computer’s language.

To dictate in a different language under Windows Vista you must change the entire UI of your computer (switch entirely to the other language).


Full Transcription

(i.e., not only simple transcription, but the ability to correct mistakes, luke DNS).

Feature fully functional in DNS. Markoe’s Toolkit provides a rudimentary facility, but what is badly needed is a full-fledged transcription feature.


Easy method for editing vocabulary (for example, something like DNS)

Rob Chambers’ macro for handling the speech dictionary is helpful, but it cannot replace a built-in feature that’s easy to use, and not necessarily by voice.


Proper configuration options.

The configuration screens allow defining only one item at a time, and the range of options is very limited.


Considerable amplification of vocabulary and databasing of names.


Too many frequent words, expressions, and names are missing. Even expressions like ‘Windows Vista’ are absent.


Ability to choose spelling independently of language variety.

MS maintains the parochial tradition to package a language variety with a particular spelling.  If you speak more like UK but prefer US spelling you are not served by this version, because each English module is now more variety-specific. If you are a Canadian speaking like US but using British spelling, you are not served by the current policy.


Playback (+ Button).

Playback in Vista is limited to segments marked for correction in the Correction Dialogue.


Text-to-Speech Button.



Conversion of text to numbers or numbers to text.


There is a macro by Glen Shire which partly takes care of that, but not fully solved.


Ability to fully work in applications that do not currently support Text Services Framework.



Improved phoneme notation, to include non-English sounds, too (for names, etc.)

The current notation is often bizarre.


Improved audio settings: Filtering non-verbal or accidental noise.

Something like the DNS algorithm.


Professional documentation.

Even the list of available (and wonderful) commands is not complete.

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