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The Hebrew Studies offers a large variety of academic courses for new
immigrant students, for visiting students who wish to develop their language skills in Hebrew
and for Hebrew speaking students who need special courses in Academic Literacy.

In addition to teaching language skills, the curriculum is designed to focus on
subjects related to Israel: history, geography, the environment, various aspects of
the multifaceted society and its culture and the current affairs as they happen in real time.

The Hebrew unit uses a variety of modern pedagogical techniques including language
laboratories and closed circuit television in addition to traditional classroom
instructions. The students are also exposed to numerous authentic encounters with
native speakers of Hebrew in real life situations.

All textbooks and supplementary materials have been especially designed and produced
by the highly experienced staff of the Hebrew unit and published by Tel Aviv University press.

Academic Programs

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    Hebrew Courses During The Academic Year
    Level Hours per
    *Fees for non Students
    High Intermediate (Aleph) Book Dalet 8 hours NIS 2,500
    Advanced 1 (Beth) Book He 6 hours NIS 1,800
    Advanced 2 (Gimel) Book Vav 6 hours NIS 1,800

  • Each class meets three times a week. Opening of each calss is submitted to a minimum No. of students :

  • Fall semester 2009 (Will be posted later.)

    Spring semester 2009 begins Feb. 1-26, 2009

    • Registration:
      Fall Semester: (Will be posted later)
      Spring Semester: Until January 27, 2009 in our office .
      All applicants must take a placement test prior registration.

      High intermediate classes:
      Group 1: Sunday 08-10 + Wednesday 08-10 + Friday 08-12
      Advanced level 1
      Group 1: Sunday 08-10 + Wednesday 08-10 + Friday 08-10
      Advanced level 2
      Group 1: Sunday 08-10 + Wednesday 08-10 + Friday 08-10

                We offer an intensive 4 weeks course for beginners and intermediates.

                Dates: Feb, 1- 26, 2009
                Classes are held 5 days a week, Sunday through Thursday,
                08:30 - 13:00

    hebrew@post.tau.ac.il  Or  osptau@post.tau.ac.il

    The Hebrew Studies offers an intensive course during the summer of 2009. This course is for students who wish to improve their knowledge of Hebrew towards an "exempt" in Hebrew and for candidates who must reach level Aleph (book daled) to be accepted at Tel-Aviv University.

    There are classes for all levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced. "University Level Aleph" can be reached by graduating level 4, with the grade of 65, at least. Only students above 18 or high school.> graduates can be accepted to this course.

    Dates: August 2, 2009 through September 17, 2009

    Classes are held 5 days a week, Sunday through Thursday, from 08:30 to 13:00 .

    A placement test will take place on Sunday July 23th 2009
    Tuition Fees: $1200 which must be paid by July 23th 2009
    There will be no refund after the beginning of the course
    Registration: July 1 - July 23, 2009
    * Opening of each level is submitted to a minimum no. of students.

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    Contact Us

      Tel: 972-3-6408947
    Office Hours: Sunday - Thursday , 09:00-13:00

    E- mail: hebrew@post.tau.ac.il

    Mail Address: until 31/1/09
    The Hebrew Studies
    Dormitories, Building B, Entrence 4
    Tel Aviv University
    Tel Aviv 69978, Israel

    New Address:
    From 1/2/2009 our new address:
    The Hebrew Studies
    30 Haim Levanon st. Engineering Bldg.
    Tel Aviv University
    Tel Aviv 69978, Israel