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Haim Diamant
School of Chemistry
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 6997801

Office: Multidisciplinary #311
Tel: +972 3 640 6967
Fax: +972 3 640 8122
E-mail:  hdiamant@tau.ac.il


My group is interested in the theoretical modeling of complex fluids and soft matter.
Examples are viscoelastic materials, thin sheets, membranes, suspensions, and self-assembling systems.

Article on the history of the field    Textbook on the field (1)    Textbook on the field (2)

Recent projects

  • Hyperuniformity of driven suspensions
  • In-plane dynamics of heterogeneous membranes
  • Driven colloidal objects of arbitrary shape
  • Patterns in thin elastic sheets
  • Intermediate response of actin networks
  • Correlations in confined suspensions

Group members


Professor, School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University

1994  BSc, Physics, Tel Aviv University

1996  MSc, Physics, Tel Aviv University

2000  PhD, Physics, Tel Aviv University

1999-2002  Post-doc, James Franck Institute, University of Chicago

2002-present  School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University

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