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Special issue on Woman and American Ideology: Continuities and Contradictions

in the Definition of the National Character.


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[in Hebrew--"Ha'ir k'Metafora b'Sifrut Amerikanit]


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Selected Reviews:

      Neither Black Nor White Yet Both: Thematic Explorations of Interracial Literature,

by Werner Sollors in Journal of American Studies in Turkey, 1999.

      A House of Words: Jewish Writing, Identity, and Memory by Norman Ravvin in

Canadian Review of American Studies, 1999.            

      Exile from Exile: Israeli Writers from Iraq by Nancy Berg in Comparative Literature,


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University Press,1998).

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and Sources, edited by Lewis Fried in Studies in Contemporary Jewry (Oxford

University Press), 1990.

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Journal of Modern Literature, Summer, 1988.

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The Fiction of Early Modernism by Allon White, in Modern Fiction Studies,

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Guest lectures (selected) at Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Jewish Theological Seminary, Northwestern University, Dartmouth College, UCLA, University of Southern California (Casden Institute), Rutgers University, University of Illinois, City University of New York, New York University, Lehigh University, University of Konstanz, Hebrew University, Bar Ilan University, and Haifa University.






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