# The Geochemistry Laboratory






Dr. Dror Avisar - Head

Dror Avisar, Dr. of Hydrochemistry at Tel Aviv University, is a native of Tel Aviv, Israel. After completing his Ph.D. in the Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, Dror was awarded the lucrative "Bikura" Fellowship, which allowed him to conduct postdoctoral research in the acclaimed Department of Earth Sciences, University of California at Santa Barbara. Whilst there, he received advanced training in the emerging field of pharmaceutical contamination of water resources. Dror returned to Israel in 2005, by Tel Aviv University for a tenure-track position in the Department of Geography and Human Environment. He has established a unique and world-leading hydrochemistry laboratory for the detection and mitigation of pharmaceutical contamination. His office has attracted high-quality students, who are motivated and interested in providing answers to some of the pending problems in groundwater hydro-geochemistry.


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