Ariel Rubinstein; An Introduction to GAME THEORY, spring 1999 Ariel Rubisntein Introduction to Game Theory

Int. to Game Theory                         Ariel Rubinstein

THE COURSE ENDED!!!!    See you in another year!

July 19: Grades of the July 16th exam are posted. (see exam and a solution.)

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The list of students who are eligible for the exam are posted.
         Note : Only students that submitted 5 or more Pre-class problems sets are eligible for the test.

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After-Class Problems Sets
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Martin Osborne and Oxford University Press were kind to allow you to print drafts of several chapters of osborne's book.  This possibility is now over. is allowed to be printed this week.  (And, by the way, you can download freely ACROBAT READER which enables you to read PDF files)

General Information
Place Tel Aviv University 
Period Spring 1999
Lecturer Ariel Rubinstein  (office: 640-9601) 
Instructor Michael Ornstein  (home: 504-6872)   


Noa Procianoy (640-9903) 
Date  Mon 17.15-19.50 (with 20 min break)
Room Naftaly 004
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Books Recommended books
A Course in Game Theory Ariel Rubinstein and Martin Osborne  MIT Press 1994 The book page contains: 
  • Corrections and updates  
  • price table 
A Graduate text, but may be often useful.
An Introduction to Game Theory Martin Osborne  Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2000) Author and Press kindly authorized students of this course to use chapters of this book. The book page  An Undergraduate text (more suitable).

Exams Moed A:   July 16, 09:00

Moed B:   August 19, 14:00






98b exam ----
99a exam sol



List of 54 students

Name Eligible for the Test e-mail
Afek, Ori +
Amir, Sharon +
Aron, Shachar +
Barack, Gil +
Ben-Bassat, Itsik +
Blum, Liran +
Blumenfeld, Uri +
Cohen, Lior +
Cygler, Muriel +
Eisenbach, Shmuel (Mooli) -
Eisnstein, Eyal +
Epstein, Dimitry +
Finger, Noam +
Frankovits, Hanoch +
Gal, Nettie +
Gavrishev, Olga +
Gendelman, Alexander +
Geva, Michal +
Gofman, Michael +
Gordon, Vitaly +
Haiat, Lior +
Haluz, Doron +
Kanfy, Tomer -
Kantor, Pavel +
Kaplan, Dan +
Kareev, Eron +
Kattan, Hezi +
Kol, Inna +
Laskar, Roman +
Lavi, Liat -
Lembersky, Alex + --
Liran, Sharon -
Lotan, Ophir +
Malkin, Sigal +
Mankovich Janna +
Naggar, Ariel +
Naveh, Tomer -
Netaneal, Shai +
Ochshorn, Yasmin +
Perel, Dror +
Pratt, Alon -
Reshef, Ohad +
Sagy, Anat -
Sand , Edith + --
Seroussi, Rivka +
Shamir, Karen - --
Shavit, Danny +
Shendle, Keren +
Shmueli, Tal -
Slonim, Alon +
Stier, Asaf -
Tal, Uri +
Tarandash, Eleonora +
Yehuda, Benny +
Zinger, Carmi +


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