Cephalopods RNA editing database

The first version of this database was part of the Supplementary Information for the paper: Trade-off between transcriptome plasticity and genome evolution in cephalopods (Cell  169, 191–202 (2017)), and can be found here (December 2017) and here (original).

The current version (Feb. 2021), presented below, is part of the Supplementary Information for the paper Adaptive proteome diversification by nonsynonymous A-to-I RNA editing in coleoid cephalopods.


FASTA files containing the de-novo constructed transcriptomes:

·         [D. pealeii - Squid]

·         [Sepia officianalis]

·         [Eup. scolopes - bobtail squid]

·         [Sep. lineolata - pajama squid]

·         [Octopus vulgaris]

·         [Octopus bimaculoides]

·         [Nautilus]

·         [Aplysia]



      Detected editing sites (genome-free method):

·        [Editing sites found in each species]

·        [Conserved editing sites, six-coleoids comparison]

·        [Conserved editing sites, eight-species comparison]